Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Drift Away

Just thought I'd leave this here. One thing I definetley miss about home is playing music with my Pop. This is a video of my dad's old band. He's singing and playing drums. Just can't wait to go on leave and take a bit of a break from everyday army life and do some pickin' and grinnin'.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bored again...

I often find myself in situations where I must trick my mind into thinking Im actually doing something productive, even when I know Im really just trying to pass the time. Today is definitley one of those days... Sitting in class on a subject that pertains to my job and is something I enjoy learning about is not the issue here. What bugs me is when the Army simply does not provide the resources to properly accomodate training needs. For example, there are 7 people in my class, but only two pieces of equipment to get hands on training with. The practical exercises we are doing take about three hours per person to complete and we only have two days of class left, only having two people halfway finished as of now. What does that mean for the people not on the equipment? Lurking your favorite websites and making blog entries using your iPod on the one bar Wi-fi signal you got lucky to pick up in the classroom. Ahhhhh... At least I have this to keep me occupied...